Integrative Health
“A seed hidden in the heart of an apple
is an orchard invisible.”

Guided Meditations and Mind Body Relaxation Classes
Offered by Kranti Pamarthy, Health Educator, Integrative Health

Hello and welcome to this site, a portal for learning and sharing how we can tap into deep presence and relaxation methods for integrated mind body spirit well-being.

What does meditation mean to our lives?

  • The healing value of conscious living
  • Making space for inspiration, meaning and creativity to occur
  • Living well, moment to moment

A fit and lively body, a strong, calm and open mind, stable and positive mood and an inspired spirit is what we hope and aspire for when it comes to living healthy and well. As you know, the mind and body are an integrated whole and relieving one relieves the other. Mind body methods such as meditation and relaxation relieve the mind of stress and create a positive mental state, thereby relieving the body and boosting health. They help live life with deeper presence in the moment, create awareness of the mind-body connection and what we can do to promote health and well-being. With time, mindfulness practice allows us to access deeper, more meaningful aspects of our being (such as our intuition) that are wellsprings of healing, creativity, inspiration and true joy. It helps us be more positively engaged with life. It enhances the perceived self-efficacy of individuals and groups in their journey towards mastery of life experiences and challenges.

Vision and inspiration:

Each human being is unique in one's strengths and struggles. We each follow a unique life path towards fulfillment of our potential. As each of us travels this path, there seems to be a common thread — our desire to lead healthy, happy and meaningful lives. The classes are being offered to help in this quest, so people can live fully and reach their highest potential. An improvement in the well-being of individuals in turn positively influences the health of families and society.


To relieve suffering, improve human health, prevent disease and foster wellness.

Highlights, features and contact:

  • Customized, live, instructor-guided meditations for each individual or group over the phone or Skype.
  • Experiential learning that equips individuals with science-based mind-body tools and stress relaxation techniques.
  • Clients can call in from the comfort of their home, office or other location and have a guided meditation/relaxation session.
  • A quiet space and time offers the peace to reflect, support the body's natural healing processes and grow. A peaceful retreat-like experience is offered in the classes.
  • Classes are interactive in nature, where clients can not only suggest in advance of the class what they would like to learn but also have an opportunity to ask questions during the class or after the class as need be.
  • You can schedule classes with me on any topic of interest on this website. Please feel free to write to me about what you would like to learn and I will let you know if we can do a session. You are welcome to email me at for classes. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.