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CFMBR offers classes in meditation and relaxation methods for well-being and stress relief. It is intended as a center for learning, healing, and skills development.

The goal is to provide experiential learning to equip individuals with science-based mind-body tools. These tools enhance the perceived self-efficacy of individuals in their journey towards mastery of life experiences and challenges.

A quiet space offers the peace to reflect, support the body's natural healing processes and grow. CFMBR offers a peaceful retreat-like experience in the classroom.

Vision and inspiration:

Each human being is unique in one's strengths and struggles. We each follow a unique life path towards fulfillment of our potential. As each of us travels this path, there seems to be a common thread — our desire to lead healthy, happy and meaningful lives. The classes are being offered to help in this quest, so people can live fully and reach their highest potential. An improvement in the well-being of individuals in turn positively influences the health of families and society.


To relieve suffering, improve human health, prevent disease and foster wellness.


  • Groups:
    Classes can be arranged for groups of four or more individuals. Please feel free to contact me.
  • Organizations:
    Classes can be offered at your location. Worksites interested in arranging classes, clinics, hospitals, spas, retreat centers, resorts, wellness centers, interfaith organizations, educational institutions, recreational centers and others are welcome to contact me.


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